Le Paris Chill Racing est le principal collectif de cyclisme urbain français depuis 2010.
Ce collectif est animé par une dizaine d’amis, le PCR a pour habitude d’organiser de nombreux événements autour de la pratique du vélo (critérium, alleycat/course d’orientation, randonnée, cyclo-cross, cyclotourisme à travers l’Europe, goldsprint, etc.) et de promouvoir cette dernière au quotidien. Chaque mercredi, un ride est organisé à Paris, entre 40 et 100 riders s’y retrouvent

The Paris Chill Racing is the main French urban cycling group since 2010.
With a bunch of friends at its head, the PCR regularly organises various cycling events (e.g. criteriums, alleycats, cyclo-cross, country-side bike tours throughout France and Europe, goldsprints, etc.), and aims at promoting the use of bicycle on a daily basis. In addition, around 40 to 100 riders meet to ride at night through the city of Paris every Wednesday.

« Comraderies may be formed in many different manners. In Paris, where bicycles are the fastest—and often the most dangerous—​manner of navigating the traffic choked rues, bonds are linked via two wheels, two pedals, a chain a bit of Ricard and a couple of Picons.
Paris Chill Racing (PCR), a group of young, Parisian professionals, clad in fixed-gear bicycles, were described by a local publication as a bunch of egotistical misogynists wreaking havoc upon the pedestrians in the rues of Paris. The female regulars who comprise a good 35 percent of the 45 or so cyclists dispute this statement. [...]
The idea behind PCR was not to create a group of hard-core cyclists driven by training, but only to spin around Paris and take a drink along.
Juan Antonio Labreche

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